YEP Project

01 Jan 2021

YEP Project:

 This project, through the capacity building of two local partners, aims to improve the social, economic, and psychological situation of young victims of the Beirut exhibitions. It is part of the triple crisis that Lebanon, and more particularly Beirut, the capital, is currently experiencing. Indeed, the deadly explosion of August 2020 has amplified the problems previously raised by the October 2019 protests, the Eurobond default in March 2020, and then the COVID-19 crisis. Young people are particularly affected by this difficult context. Between psychological distress and an uncertain socio-economic future, it isn't easy to project oneself and envisage a serene future. Several diagnoses were carried out to ensure the relevance of the intervention. The main demands of the young people concerned income-generating activities and psychosocial support. Indeed, these diagnoses revealed that 76% of the panel was living in poor economic conditions, that 78% of people had had their personal property completely damaged, and that in terms of mental health, the majority of individuals were suffering from stress and anxiety because of the explosions.

Main impacts targeted at the end of the project (quantitative, qualitative, and specify the expected duration): At least 40% of the targeted youth developed an income-generating activity or found a job at the end of the project, at least 75% of the youth report that their psychosocial well-being has improved, 50% of the targeted youths report feeling more empowered as a result of the project, the (technical) practices of Nabaa staff and volunteers have improved, 75% of the organizational recommendations. At the end of the three-year project, the young people supported have seen their economic, social, and psychological situation improve. Nabaa has improved its technical capacities.