We campaign for a right to education for all refugee children


Naba’a believes that a good quality education is the right of every child as it provides the opportunity to improve one’s own circumstances. We do not see education as simply information taught from the curriculum; it is a whole process involving the home as well as the classroom, parents as well as teachers and the environment as well as the curriculum. Education should not discriminate based on age, gender or capabilities and we aim to help develop an inclusive education system which incorporates new and innovative teaching methods to stimulate the children to learn.


Immediate outcomes:

  • Children and youth learn skills, (communication, social, decision making), knowledge and develop attitudes to deal with their daily problems in a constructive way.
  • Enhanced interest and skills motivate children to go to school.
  • Children with learning difficulties gain the necessary skills to continue in education so they are less likely to not drop out of school
  • Caregivers learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to deal with children and youth in a non-discriminatory and non-violent manner inline with the rights of the child.