Youth Led Initiatives in Saida

20 Jan 2017

This project is geared towards the needs of the most marginalized Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian young people and adolescents.  It includes counseling, advice on reproductive health and promotes general health and wellbeing. The reproductive health team includes a gynecologist, a urologist, nurses and a psycho-social counselor.  They offer the following:


  • General health advice and counseling. Team members also conduct health awareness and outreach activities.
  • A referral system for cases such as STDs, sexual abuse, child brides and young mothers. This is carried out in coordination with the Hariri Foundation in Saida.
  • A Peer-to-Peer team consisting of 20 members (10 from Saida Old Town and 10 from the areas of Taameer, Baraksat and Sekki).  This team plays an important role as health educators in the community. Made up of young people it raises awareness and is a source of information on this issue.  They are also positive role models within their communities.