Remedial Education

17 Jan 2017

In order to accommodate the increase in the number of Palestinian Children from Syria enrolled in UNRWA schools, additional teachers have been hired and two educational modules (integrated PRL and PRS classes and PRS special classes) have been combined. Despite this, Palestinian children arriving from Syria continue to face similar obstacles to Syrian refugee children - the school curriculum in Syria is different to that in Lebanon as is the language of instruction. Maths and Science are taught in Arabic in Syria, whereas they are taught in English in the UNRWA schools in Lebanon.


To address this, Nabaa´s Remedial Education Project provides children in and out of schools with equal opportunities in education.  Children benefit from educational activities, learning support, accelerated learning programs and vocational training. In addition, the project focuses on enhancing self-esteem, conflict resolution, communication and life skills.


Through technical assistance, the project improves the quality of the learning environment in UNRWA schools, using Save the Children’s quality learning environment (QLE) framework as a guide.  In addition it develops long term skills for UNRWA teaching staff and non-formal education providers as well as improving the coordination between local organizations providing educational support in Palestinian refugee camps.