Project "For its future - raising awareness against child marriage among refugees in Lebanon", 2020-2022

24 March 2020

The Emma Institute, in collaboration with the Institute Circle and a local partner Naba'a, will implement a 3-year project in Lebanon aimed at raising awareness against child marriage and gender-based violence among refugees in Lebanon. With the project "For its future - raising awareness against child marriages among refugees in Lebanon", Emma will work with partners to reduce child marriages in Lebanon and provide mental and health rehabilitation to victims.
The project will therefore raise awareness of the unacceptability of these marriages, of the rights of children and women, and of gender-based violence at multiple levels and between different groups. In the first part of the project, 15 girls, 10 mothers and 5 fathers will be trained in the mentioned fields. 1500 parents raise awareness against these marriages.
In parallel, 300 local, religious leaders, judges, doctors will be raised, and 45 leaders will be trained to carry out four local and two national campaigns against child marriage and to legislate the minimum age for marriage.
In addition, at least thousands of victims of marriage and gender-based violence will be provided with group and individual psychosocial support through referrals to the most difficult cases of psychotherapists. The project will also include a gynecologist who will provide medical assistance and counseling to project beneficiaries, as well as provide workshops on reproductive health and family planning.
The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia within the framework of international development cooperation. The opinion and content of the project do not represent the official position of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia.