Our Strategy

Naba'a is a non-political, not for profit Lebanese organization that works with Palestinian and Lebanese communities. We aim to create an environment where children and young people can thrive and live in harmony regardless of their religion, sex and nationality. We work to empower local communities and to enable their members to uphold their rights and to build a better future for themselves.

Our Vision

Naba’a’s vision is for a society built on respect for human rights.  One in which individuals have control over decisions affecting their lives and where their collective needs can be addressed.

Our Mission

Naba’a’s mission is to empower local communities so that they can uphold the rights of children and young people, enabling them to play an active and healthy role within their society.

Our Core Values

  • Neutrality – we are not affiliated to any political party or religious group.
  • Equity and Equality – we believe that our beneficiaries should have the same opportunities, regardless of gender, religion, race, nationality or disability.
  • Participation – we encourage the active participation of all the members in the community. We believe that this is the only way to guarantee the ongoing success and sustainability of our projects.
  • Protection – we believe children are the future of our society and for this reason it is fundamental for them to be protected and that they are allowed to grow up in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Transparency and Accountability – we closely monitor each and every one of our projects and we are committed to guaranteeing the highest level of accountability to our beneficiaries, partners and donors.  


Our Strategic Objectives

  • Naba'a aims to support young children who are most at risk of violence and neglect in their communities; to provide them with opportunities to develop, physically and socially, and to grow up in a safe, healthy and inclusive environment.
  • We aim to support children and young people who are at risk of dropping out from school and living in particularly hard circumstances; helping them to realize their potential.
  • We aim to work with local communities to evaluate and address their needs whilst building their abilities through training and awareness raising, allowing them to become healthy, to be inclusive and live in well managed communities.
  • We support populations affected by conflict or displacement by providing basic humanitarian aid and safeguarding the rights of children and families in protection, health and education.
  • We aim to influence the decisions of key policy makers and service providers who are responsible for the Palestinian communities living in Lebanon, to uphold the rights of Palestinian children and to be accountable in providing the appropriate services.