Visibility and Communication Strategy for Manara Network

19 Sep 2022

Terms of reference

Visibility and Communication Strategy for Manara Network

The Sida CSO programme relates to the Swedish government’s strategy for civil society organizations (CSO) whose underlying motive and rationale is that a vibrant and pluralistic civil society in developing countries, using a rights-based approach, is a prerequisite for democratization, poverty reduction and equitable and sustainable global development. In line with this strategy, the Global CSO Programme results framework and related regional programme framework, while responsive to particular operating contexts, focuses on Child Protection (CP) and Child Rights Governance (CRG) objectives and outcomes at three levels:

1. Changes in legislation, policies and practices
2. Capacities of civil society and the community to support children’s
right, and
3. Changes in children’s participation and active citizenship.

The Middle East regional programme, implemented through Save the children Sweden and Lebanon, focuses on supporting the Manara Network that incorporates locally active organizations throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to empower children living in the region to become socially aware rights activists, given the tools and knowledge to represent both themselves and their peers in the wider community. The network consists of eleven NGOs from Nine Arab countries in the MENA region: ALEF and NABAA (Lebanon), ECCR (Egypt), AMAL (Tunisia), NADA (Algeria), BAYTI (Morocco), SOUL (Yemen), Democracy School (Yemen), MIZAN (Jordan), and Association Mauritanienne pour la Santé de la Mère et de L'Enfant (Mauritania),

The main goal of the network is to become a strong advocacy platform towards governments to urge them to change laws, policies and practices related to the realization of child rights and also to support child participation and child / youth led initiatives in the region, to become advocates for their rights driving the change along, which will lead to changing perceptions of adults on children’s capacities and abilities to act against rights violations on all levels. In line with the second objective of the programme, Manara Network conducted its organizational capacity assessment in December 2020 with the support of Save the Children. This revealed the need of a communication and visibility strategy for Manara
Network and related standards operating procedures. It comes at critical time, as the Network is developing its strategic plan for the coming 3 years.

The main objective of the consultancy is to address the gaps in Manara Network‘s communication and visibility capacity in line with its new strategy and to support Manara Network in gaining visibility in the MENA region, especially among its key regional and global advocacy stakeholders.

Outputs/ Deliverables

a) Design and develop the communication and visibility strategy of Manara Network (including a detailed action plan and clear workflow and division of roles and responsibilities among the Network’s members).
b) Develop the Network stakeholders’ map including a detailed engagement plan.
c) Together with stakeholders and the consultant, identify appropriate communication and visibility channels to implement the strategy.

Approach: It is recommended to employ interactive and participatory approaches including continuous consultation, workshops, and meetings with Manara Network’s members and stakeholders in through the communication and visibility strategy development process.

This assignment is expected to be carried out over a period 30 days between October - November 2022.


The consultant will report to Child Rights Governance Manager at Manara Network Media Officer and Save the Children International in Lebanon and. Save the Children and Manara Network will provide relevant background documents necessary for the assignment and will hold regular follow up and planning meeting with the consultant.

a) Academic qualifications
 Master Degree in communications, media, law, development studies, sociology, international relations or any other related field.
b) Experience
 At least five years’ professional experience in communication and visibility strategy development
 Proven professional experience working on the communication strategy for other similar projects/consortiums or networks in the region
 Prior working experience on child rights and child rights advocacy is an added advantage
 Demonstrated experience in working with networks and local civil society organizations.
c) Skills and Competencies
 Be a registered organization or specialized individual working within the capacity building field;
 High-level written and oral communications skills in English and Arabic; Arabic is key for this role.
 Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and professional skills in interacting with government and development partners;
 Evidence of having undertaken similar assignments;
 Knowledge in cross cutting approaches related to gender equality, disability inclusion; and
 Conflict sensitivity and participatory approaches is an added value.

How to apply:
 Interested candidates should submit their interest by September 27, 2022 17:00 Beirut
Time, through email –
The interested candidates shall provide:
 Technical and Financial Proposal
 Organization profile with CV of lead consultant along with the list of previous
similar experiences.
 In case of individual consultant, a resume of consultant is required along with the
list of previous similar experiences.
 Timeline and expected payment schedule