A Training Workshop About the Importance of Education " Girls “

13 March 2020

A one day training workshop on the importance of education has been conducted under the framework of the project “for its future”, which is being implemented by Developmental Action without Borders / Nabaa’ in collaboration with Emma Institute and Circle institute and funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.
The training aims on enhancing the capability of the girls to recognize the importance of education, in addition to providing them with a new toolkit of activities that reside on learning-through playing. Since, the content of the training included an introduction about education, methods of learning, along with the differences between active and passive learning.  
As it is worth to mention that, the participants became capable of realizing the learning difficulties alongside with differentiating between the active learning approach and the classical one.

For more information click on the below links: 

Click here  Power-Point About the Learning Difficulties 

Click here   Power-Point about a Musical Game 

Click here   Power-Point About the Box Game 

Click here   Power-Point About the Importance of Education