Armed clashes in Ain al-Hilweh camp

09 Aug 2023

Within the framework of the emergency program of the Association for Development Action Without Borders “Nabaa”, it intervened from the first day of the outbreak of confrontations in Ein al-Hilweh camp, by monitoring the events and the movement of displacement from inside the camp to outside it and gathering them at the first point at the Al-Musalli Mosque adjacent to the camp. We certainly worked to raise the level of communication and coordination with UNRWA, international organizations, and local and civil associations working in the camp and in the Sidon area. When the confrontations intensified, the decision was taken, in cooperation and coordination with UNRWA and all actors, to open two centers to work with the displaced and transfer them to the Nablus schools in Sidon and Ashkelon in the Mieh Mieh camp. On the second day of displacement, the two schools had reached full capacity for families (200 families) displaced from the neighborhoods where the confrontations had intensified.
From the first day, under the management of UNRWA and in partnership with the Nabaa Association, international organizations and civil society organizations, work began to implement direct interventions with all age groups, especially with the basic needs of mattresses, blankets, drinking water, food, and cleaning materials, in addition to what is needed for women and children, and began implementing recreational and awareness-raising activities with children and families. Psychosocial support, in addition to providing the necessary medications for those with chronic diseases.
It is also necessary to point out the interaction of many owners of institutions and individuals with what is happening and their arrival to the displacement centers to contribute to supporting them with what is needed and coordinating with the management of these centers regarding basic and humanitarian needs in order to provide services in an organized manner and without repetition. For this reason, periodic meetings are called for with all those involved in the displacement centers at the UNRWA administration office in Sidon to coordinate joint efforts among all to secure the necessary needs and protection for all displaced persons in their places of residence.
It should also be noted that these services only cover about 200 displaced families in the Nablus and Ashkelon schools. As for the rest of the displaced who went to their relatives’ homes in Sidon and the surrounding area, there are no statistics or lists of their numbers and locations.