Distribution of Gas Heater

04 Jan 2014

Nabaa continues to warm winter for Palestinian and Syrian refugees.


In partnership with TDH Italy, in coordination with UNRWA relief department and with the support of ECHO, Nabaa distributed heating materials for 2,000 Palestinian and Syrian refugee families in seven Palestinian camps and eight gatherings (750 family in Saida, 450 in the North and 800 families in Tyre). The heating package contained: a gas heater for each family, a gas bottle and with 5 refills over 5 months as well as blankets for each person in the family.  
Nabaa Chairman, Mr. Qassem Saad, affirmed that these families were receiving aid because they entered Lebanon during 2013 and they were particularly lacking in the ability to keep warm.


A warm winter for 4000 children

Developmental Action without Border Organization, Nabaa, in coordination with UNRWA´s Education Department and with the support of Johanniter distributed jackets to 4,000 children in El Buss, Rahsidieh, Borj el Shamali, Ein el Helweh, Weavel, Nahr el Bard and Baddawi Camps.