Supporting Refugees

25 July 2013

The latest statistics from the popular committees indicated that the number of Palestinian Syrian refugees in Lebanon had reached 70,000.  A third of them are located in Ein el Helweh and Mia Mia camps although there is big deficit in providing them with what they need and their numbers are expected to rise.

Within the framework of supporting refugees, Mr. Qassem Saad, Chairman of Developmental Action without Borders Organization, Nabaa checked on the situation of Syrian refugees specifically at al Karamah camp, Sekeh and Ein el Helweh camp.  Mr. Monir el Makdah, General of the PLO and Mr. Adnan Rfaee, the popular committee representative accompanied Mr. Saad during his visit. Mr. Saad declared that Nabaa would distribute a contribution of 600 USD per family to help refugees overcome their suffering and ensure their needs before Adha Eid.

Naba’a with the support of OCHA continued its work with refugees by supporting 313 Syrian Families (1525 in total) in 6 camps with food and non-food items.  This includes, underwear, hygiene items and food during 3 months.
Project coordinator Mr. Ali Sallam ensured that this aid was for Syrian refugees who arrived mid May, and that the aid did not overlap with support from other local and international NGOs.