Trip to Qasmiyeh

Trip for the children to Qasmiyeh swimming pool.

Friday Activities

Friday Activities and plans for summer activities at Nabaa Center Burj Shemali Camp, Tyre.

Blue Summer

Aqua activities for children at Nabaa Center El Buss Camp, Tyre.

First Week of Summer Activities

The first week of Nabaa Summer Activities at Ein El Hilweh Camp had finished.

Trip for the Children - Nahr el-Bared Camp

A trip was organized for the children to a fascinating natural place.

Trip to the River

Developmental Action Without Borders (Nabaa) arranged a..

Summer Activities - Rashidieh Camp

Hours of fun at Nabaa Center Rashidieh Camp, Tyre :)

Daily Activities

The children are having fun at Burj Shemali Center

Summer Activities - Nahr el-Bared Camp

Summer activities at Nahr el-Bared Camp, Tripoli

Advocacy Campaign "Early Marriage"

On the "World Population Day" an advocacy campaign was organized by Nabaa about the Early Marriage in Saida Market.

Workshop for Mothers - Ein El Hilweh Camp

In partnership with zavod KROG/institute circle, a workshop was organized by..

Awareness Session - Summer Safety

An awareness session was organized at Nabaa Center El Buss Camp..

Activity with the Customed Character

Team of Nabaa Center El Buss Camp, Tyre organized a new summer activity for the children to motivate them to start this month briskly.

1st Day of the Summer Activities - El Buss

Let the Fun Begin! It is the first day of the summer activities at Nabaa Center El Buss Camp, Tyre.

Life Skill Workshop

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how to respond to it, so you have to learn the life skills.

“Activation and Motivation Techniques” Workshop

A workshop about the techniques of motivation and activation in the North.

Activity about Personal Hygiene

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live"

Workshop for Nabaa Team - North & South

Workshop for Nabaa team in the centers of the South and North Areas.