Distribution of Mattresses distribution by Johanniter

Developmental Action without Borders-Nabaa distributed 1200 mattresses and sheets for Palestinian Refugees Syrian and 400 mattresses and sheets for the hosting families in eight camps

Protect, Warm and Feed PRS

Protect, Warm and Feed 100 Refugee Children from Syria....Click the link and know more how you can support Syrian refugee children....

Problems Facing Palestinian Youth in the Camps

Under the patronage of the president of Tyre municipalities and in the presence of popular communities, local & international NGOs, youth activist representatives from three camps: Rashidieh, Borj el Barajeneh and shatila, Developmental Action without Borders/Nabaa -project partners (CYC & PWHO)-in partnership with the European Union had launched a research on the problems facing the Palestinian y

Supporting Refugees

25 July 2013 In the frame work of supporting the refugees, the chairman of Developmental Action without Borders/ Nabaa – Mr. Qassem Saad checked out the situation of the refugees from Syria

Distribution of Money

Nabaa distributed checks (150-600 USD) per family (the total benefited families are 122). This financial contribution comes before Adha Eid.

Nabaa & OCHA

Developmental Action without Borders Nabaa in partnership OCHA support 313 Palestinian Syrian Family in palestinian Refugees camps in Lebanon.

Summer Recreational Activities

Nabaa in partnership with UNRWA launched the “Summer Recreational Activities” for 2013, the activities will be achieved in the Palestinian camps in Saida, Bekaa, North, Tyre area, the activities will target 7497 children.

Open Day on Drugs in LIU University

“Addiction is Expensive..The price is your life” Developmental action without Borders/ Nabaa launched an Anti-Drug open day within the frame work of “Anti-Drug Certified Centers Project”, the day

Hajar Did Not Hesitate to Talk about What Happened to Her Son.

Hajar did not hesitate to talk about what happened to her son. AIN AL-HILWEH, Lebanon: Hajar S. still remembers what happened to her 8-year-old when an older boy abused him sexually in exchange for a small amount of money.

Distribution of School Kits

Distribution of scholastic toolkit for KG Children, within the framework of "Learning during Emergencies" Funded by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.